The primary duty of this Submissive is to please.

I shall attend to every physical and emotional need of my Dominant.

I shall behave as HIS rock, plaything, sex slave, fuck- toy, lover, personal assistant, comforter always & forever, whenever needed physically and emotionally, remain loyal and honest, as well as wait on my Dominant as desired.

I shall always check on my Lord & Master Dominant periodically, approximately every 2.5-3 hours to see if HE wants me to please HIM or if HE wants to use me however HE wants.

I shall use any means to get HIS attention and present myself using erotic means so HE only sees me.

The Lord & Master Dominant has the ability to disrupt this time schedule whenever HE wants.

Reasoning – it is vitally important that your submissive not only knows their place, but they must appreciate what they learn to crave so much. It is a joyful service that they embark on. Selfless yet rewarding for both.