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Pledge to Mistress


I always recite a pledge while on my knees to Mistress upon arrival. I pledge to be an absolute, obedient and perfect slave to Mistress. She owns my cum and there is nothing I can do about it except beg. All of life comes to me with ease, joy and gratitude when I am serving Mistress. Mistress is superior in every way. Mistress makes all of the rules. I pledge to follow those rules.

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Complete control & cultivating femdom supremacy


1. A slave’s Mistress may use him for any purpose, including, but not limited to, BDSM torture, sissification, sexual gratification, humiliation, or degradation. 2. You will submit to Mistress’s will. You are bound to Her and you will accept authority over you. Your purpose is to serve, obey and please a Goddess. Mistress will guide, discipline and control you in a manner intended to train you to satisfy her.

Complete control & cultivating femdom supremacy2020-11-12T22:27:23+00:00

Sexy FLR rule ideas


1) Strip off all clothing once you enter the house. 2) Greet me with a kiss on the cheek, hand, foot or neck before speaking to me. 3) Always address me as 'Queen' inn the bedroom.

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2 Favorite FLR rules by Mistress Tish


1. Slave must always present himself to Mistress prior to beginning playtime. He will get into slave position #1 (Nadu) Naked and be ready for inspection. This is my favorite one. It gets the slave ready for the ensuing festivities. He enjoys it because it puts him in the mindset and allows him to let go of the world around him. Inspection is important to make sure the slave is up to Mistresses standards.

2 Favorite FLR rules by Mistress Tish2020-11-12T04:23:52+00:00

Morning Coffee with Mistress


When Mistress wakes in the morning, it is O/our ritual to have coffee and discuss O/our upcoming day. This gives Mistress and i an opportunity to set the tone for the day. i enjoy my coffee at Her feet, and Her reviewing Her day with me allows me an opportunity to prepare for Her needs throughout the day.

Morning Coffee with Mistress2020-11-12T04:18:34+00:00

Daily messages


Each morning and night must text Madame with appropriate message for time of day. Including something about one's own day may earn value points. Response from Madame is not to be expected, but graciously accepted if one is received.

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Name rule for dehumanization


In every contact with my Domina I am consequently addressed by number (7), not by my name. I am also not allowed to use my name myself. When we are together, I wear a small badge that shows my number. ~ Seven

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Your fantasies, Mistress’s choice


Rule: No erotic, sensual or sexual touching of the body, no part whatsoever. The body is touched for hygienic and sanitary purposes. Any other touching only when specifically instructed. No fantasizing about other uses of body parts while performing hygienic or sanitary actions.

Your fantasies, Mistress’s choice2020-11-12T02:52:25+00:00

Restriction on watching porn


No porn watching or reading (only if I say they can, with specific instructions on how many, how long and which subject). I like to enforce this rule because I don't want them distracted and riled by porn. Most male slaves come with an addiction to porn (and jacking off to it).

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