Because I am a VERY Caring Dom/Master I INSIST on Rules that deal with the Health of My Slave. I make SURE She takes care of herself, takes her meds, Eats Correctly, Gets Enough Sleep, etc. but ALSO Enough LOVE and Comfort and Emotional Support!

I make sure she showers regularly, Shaves, Puts on Make-Up, because she is BEAUTIFUL and I want her to SEE and KNOW that at ALL TIMES and I want OTHERS to see that too!

When she LOOKS GOOD I KNOW She FEELS GOOD! And WANTS to take better care of herself! If SHE isn’t doing well… then I Don’t do well! 🙁
I also make it sort of a “Ritual” to shave her while she is Bound and Gagged, often Blind-folded as well, because in addition to the shaving I also tease her and “Edge” Her until she can’t stand it anymore! But she KNOWS She will ALWAYS be given HOT LOVE and made to CUM Over and Over again!
Her “TREAT” for Cumming as many times as I demand is My Cum for her to taste and enjoy. I’ve been told mine is sort of “Sweet” tasting?! 😀

ALSO I am a Dom that MUST FIRST Have “LOVE” and “TRUST” and “EMOTIONAL SECURITY” before the BDSM/Master-Slave stuff begins!

~ Lord MacTire